Monday, March 8, 2010

All My Ducks in a Row

The duck linocut is complete! Sorry for the lack of in-progress posts, but this past month has been very busy, and the next two months don't look to be any easier, with the BFA show fast approaching. In all likelihood our town is probably going to flood (again) and close down school (again) and we'll all go sandbagging (again) because somebody didn't invest in proper dikes (again) and the entire show will be postponed til summer... but better safe than sorry.
Aside from the chickenpox this whole print went pretty quickly with no major glitches. Last I counted it was around 21 colors, which is just over half what the other two were, but I think stylistically it still fits in with the other two.

I've decided to do one more image in this series before saying goodbye to it. I'm not entirely sure of my next image, but I picked up an old doll today at this amazing thrift store next to the Plains Art Museum where I intern, and I'm going to get some photos of it today. Hopefully it goes well and I can start as soon as my linoleum comes in.