Monday, May 3, 2010

A Long Overdue Update- Linocut IV and Show Invites

Yeah, have I mentioned I'm still new to this blog thing? Sometimes it seems that things get too busy and then this blog just gets pushed to the back burner. However, as I sit here writing the last paper I will have to write as an undergraduate, I imagine summer, and a life "less hectic and gross" as a friend of mine so eloquently put it, and envision a time to fritter away in between work and art. It's close.

But I'm here now, so let's get on with it, shall we? :)

I mentioned in my last post that I had found a positively, absolutely, far too scary for pictures doll at the thrift store I frequent. I still refuse to touch the thing, and even as I type this it is sitting in the corner of my studio space tightly encased in a plastic bag. The problem I had with the thing (besides touching it, ew) was not with the doll itself, but my linoleum. For the last three I had been using 9x12 tan Speedball linoleum, mounted on a block. I had purchased some linoleum online, but realized after I bought it that it was unmounted. Turns out it was a touch too small as well. So I had to wait about a week and a half for new linoleum to come in. This, naturally, sent me into panic mode as I planned for this one to have around 30 colors or more like the first two, and I needed to have it done before my show.

When my linoleum finally arrived I went into overdrive, printing two colors at once, sometimes twice a day if the cobalt would let me. Long story short, I had about a month and a half to get the thing done, and it took all of two and a half weeks. And had 35 colors. Yikes.

Without further ado...

So I had another few weeks to finish up my other projects and build frames, which was nice. Also during that time I created some invites for my show (which is up at the moment, but I'll save that for another post in the -near- future). I think my favorite was this one...

Check back soon for a post about the show!