Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Linocut Update (part III)

Hello everyone!
Sorry for such a long stretch of silence, but it's the holiday season- I'm sure you understand. :) I know in my last post I mentioned this post would be about my sculptural piece but... it's not. Instead, I realized I was out of paper (Fabriano Rosapina- yum) to print my little wolves for the sculpture piece so I had to order some and that was on back order, so I decided to keep chugging away at my linocut. And I must say, it's extremely exciting to have the finish line so close now! With the new semester just starting it'll be nice to finish this project finally and move on to new and exciting things (which may or may not include another linocut). Over the Christmas break I took a week to drive home and spend some time with my family, eat far too many cookies, and sit around for far too many hours, but that was finished soon enough and my return to Fargo brought with it a new drive to create some art. I devoted at least a few hours a day to printing a color or two (or four) with each pass and soon realized I only had a few more before it was complete. So yesterday I printed a light blue, and today just finished the darkest of the blues. All it still needs is a few colors in the pull-string and this little puppy is ready to be editioned, signed and framed. Which is great because he'll be joining his little telephone friend in a small exhibit on campus. Check back soon for the finished, finished product, some exciting news, and (eventually, I promise!) a post about the sculpture. Happy New Year!


Sherrie Y said...

Kellie! This looks amazing! I am in awe of your color work and the beautiful tones you are achieving. Great work!

Debra James Percival said...

Gorgeous Print!!